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Pinterest, the Facebook for women is fastest-growing social site

February 28, 2012

Pinterest, the pinboard-styled social photo sharing website that increased its market share by 68 percent in January in the UK is termed as one of the fastest growing social sites. The website which is especially popular among women has come to be known as the Facebook for women.

The website is managed by a team based in Palo Alto, California was launched in March 2010 and has already hit 12 million unique visitors in the US, the fastest social network ever to hit that figure. Pinterest is like a pinboard where users share images and links about their interests.


This website is enticing women as most users of the site are indeed females. 97 percent of the websites Facebook likes are from women said TechCrunch, a web publication that mainly offers technology news and analysis.

Earlier data from Experian Hitwise put the figure at 58 per cent female in December, driven by the photo-sharing site’s focus on arts and crafts, The Daily Mail reports.

Many believe Pinterest to be a visual version of Twitter. Like Twitter, users can ‘follow’ other users with similar interests as yours and short, concise picture posts that make up the bulk of posts on the website.

However, unlike Facebook and Twitter posts on Pinterest appear as a pinboard of images created as per the user interests.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, posts appear as a ‘pinboard’ of images built according to user interests.

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