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Popular Mobile Game Development Tools

You can see almost everybody busy playing mobile games on their phones, tablets or any other digital gadget. Whether you are travelling in a public conveyance or sitting in at a restaurant table or are at your friend’s party or anywhere else, people engrossed in their mobile, playing games, will not be hard to find.

Mobile games are becoming an omnipresent attribute of the current world. Everybody, from kids to teenagers or from adults to old-age people, males or females, likes to spend their time playing games on their mobile phones.

Many factors contribute to such exponential increase in the game development domain. The rise of smart-phones, the ease of access to the internet, seamless platform/software for the gameplay, huge number of free games available on the internet, etc. are some of the many factors. Now you will never feel bore if you have a smart-phone in your pocket.

This scenario has led to the rise in demand for new games and has opened many opportunities for mobile game developers. And to create a flawless game, they use some of the best mobile game development tools.

Given below are the 4 top escalating mobile game development tools:


Mobile Game development - IT Chimes

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Maya-LT, created by Autodesk, is a mobile game development tool that is designed and developed to meet the need of the present mobile gaming world, precisely. Its user interface includes the tools for modeling, animation, lighting, materials, texture-baking, indie-workflow and many other tools that can be used for full mobile game development.

Mobile Game development - IT Chimes

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With Maya-LT, the game developers will be able to meet the fantasy world of the gamers, in a better way. The artists can produce better art by using Indie-friendly game modeling, game model efficiency, Shaders FX Tool, Polygon Reduction, Utility Nodes, UV editing tool, Turtle tool, Unity FBX Export, Bipedal Skeleton Generator, Autodesk HumanIK, Nex, etc. SDK is also available to make the developers to adapt to FBX format.

One of the best features of Maya-LT is that it assists Unity, Unreal Engine and Cry Engine that are some other famous mobile game development tools.


Mobile Game development - IT Chimes

Marmalade is one of the best platforms for the developers who want have a swift way of building cross platform C++ games. It allows the developers to open a Visual Studio project, compile and execute them for various mobile platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, Blackberry etc. The Marmalade SDK also includes support for iOS7 and Tizen. Marmalade allows the developers to compile and execute the project of different platform, from a single file.

 Mobile Game development - IT Chimes

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Marmalade Juice and Marmalade Quick are the versions that supplement its SDK. These two versions come handy and provide better utility to the developers.

With Marmalade Juice, the developer can open the Objective C codes inside the Marmalade application and tweak the codes for a particular platform and then compile it for the same.

And Marmalade Quick provides a swift, flexible and open environment that can be used for the cross platform mobile game development. Some games that have been developed using Marmalade are Plant vs. Zombies, Talisman Prologue, Vector and Signal to the Star.

Some gaming companies that have been associated with Marmalade are: EA Sports, Activision, Bandai   Namco, Konami, Pop Cap Games, etc.


Mobile Game development - IT Chimes

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Unity has been a popular tool for the mobile game developers since its conception. Among the developers, who are into 2D board and puzzle games and in 3D game designing, Unity is an admired mobile game development tool.

Mobile Game development - IT Chimes

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Its interface provides features like IK Rigs, Low-level rendering access, 3D Texture support, HDR, Tone mapping, light mapping, GPU Skinning. It supports .Net based scripting with C#, JavaScript and Boo. All these features and support enables the developers to meet the demand for mobile gaming across various platforms.

The best thing about Unity is that it provides a full-package of game development tools for different mobile operating system. Its reliability and capacity to develop the 2D and 3D mobile games for various platforms like Android, Windows, iOS, Blackberry, etc. enables the developers and artists to create stunning games.

Unity’s basic version is available for free. Also, its latest version, i.e. Unity v4.5.1 comes with a free 30 days trial. It allows the developers to create and issue their games for free. The Pro version has additional features in animation, lighting and coding.

Some of the mobile games that are developed on Unity are: Temple Run 2, The Room, Bad Piggies, etc.

Unreal Engine

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Unreal Engine, by Epic Games, is a proficient collection of mobile game development tools, by which the developers can create seamless, real-time, superior, advanced, futuristic and much better mobile games.


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 Mobile Game development - IT Chimes

Its UDK or Unreal Development Kit allows the developers to use full functionality of features like Animation, Artificial Intelligence, Audio, Coding, Light-mass, Terrain, Networking, Physics, Rendering.

The Engine runs on C++ source code. And the latest version, Unreal Engine 4, is designed for OpenGL and JavaScript/WebGL. This allows the developers to create matchless mobile games for iOS, Android, etc.

Some of the mobile games that have been developed by using Unreal Engine are Batman: Arkham City Lockdown, God Martial, Infinity Blade series, Epoch, Midnight Star, Warm Gun, Injustice, etc.

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