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Remarkably improve business productivity with Web portal development

March 4, 2011

Web development service is the booming one among the many new and highly profitable business sectors in the World Wide Web. Undoubtedly the technology has brought a huge change in the business field through Internet. Portal solutions have changed the way business is done today.
A web portal is highly beneficial access point to web for individual as well as business users. The information contained in web content portal is categorized into topics such as new, business, finance, travel, sports and more. Also originally used by general public for purposes such as email, public forums, search engines, online shopping and more, web portals today provide a multitude of other functions.
A well designed and technologically highlighted website is the main tool for any kind of Open source development. It is the responsibility of a web development company to make the website smooth so that visitors can go one page to other effortlessly while navigating.
Termed as a business or enterprise portal, this development in online portal services, as well as improved communication and response times. Business web portals are becoming increasingly vital to organizations of all sizes. Amalgamating this type of online portal application into the existing system has the power to significantly improve the productivity of an organization.
A business portal enables the integration of a number of functions in a website, including task management and work flow application, search and navigation functions, content and data management systems, supply chain management systems, internal and external communication system, automated sales support system, e commerce storefronts, notification system, online forums, discussion boards and more. It would enable the employees to and customers to be organized streamlined and connected. The management function of business is conspicuously aided by this technology.
Portal software can provide users with expeditious information that is individualized to the users’ role. The users’ interface can be customized to feature commonly used shortcuts, personalized data, and customized designs. It can also suggest additional information to the user, and allow the user to search for related information. A web portal site for a business environment can facilitate and streamline many processes for your organization.
Some solutions with strategic consulting for web portal development include:
• Enterprise web strategy consulting
• Requirement consulting and streamlining
• Advanced web portal design
• Web portal administration, development and implementation consulting
• Web portal user interface consulting

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