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Samsung Renames Laptops & Its Confusing

May 7, 2013

Samsung is so much hyped in the smartphone segment that we sometimes forget that this company makes PCs, laptops and other electronics gadgets too. While we all are absorbing every bit of news about Galaxy S4 including drop test, boil test, fry test, runover test and others, Samsung rebranded all of its range of laptops and tabs and named it under Ativ brand.

In a recent press release we received this news from Samsung. For a quick reference, below is the table of the renaming.


As you can see, every device now is having the ATIV prefix, followed by the previous name such as Book, One or Tab, followed by a number. The number gets bigger as the device gets high end. But there has been one confusion. Both Book series 3 370 and series 5 510 are now named ATIV Book 4 so there is no way to differentiate those. Perhaps Samsung thought there is nothing much differentiating those two devices.

The numbering is a bit confused for those who were too familiar with the previous product numbering. Series 7 Chronos is not ATIV Book 8 and the series 5 Chronos is now ATIV book 6. Whereas series 7 Ultra still carries the number seven and is now named ATIV Book 7. It should take time before these names sync into our memories.

Samsung is known for diluting its value by producing similar smartphones over and over, giving customers little time to differentiate between those. For example, Galaxy S4 is plagued with Galaxy Grand. Is Samsung committing the same mistake again? Only time will tell. Till then, mind the numbers when you order a Samsung laptop online.

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