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Seminar on Sustainable Growth With IT Chimes

September 25, 2012

IT Chimes focuses on “Innovation”, which comes from the process of continuous learning. To uphold the culture of learning, IT Chimes arranges various in-house training sessions at its premises. These sessions help in improving the motivation of the employees and also support their professional & personal growth. Along with such in-house training sessions, each year one annual grand seminar program  is organized. These seminars are like training sessions, which focuses on any current subject that can improve the working skills of the employees by making them more aware of the new market trends. These seminars are visited by some famous speakers, who deliver motivating speeches to groom up the employees both professionally and personally. Various healthy competitions and games are also introduced in the seminar session to enhance the participation from the employees.

This year to mark the launch of Mission and Vision of the company, IT Chimes arranged a seminar on “Sustaining Exponential Growth”. Mr. Arvind Marwaha was the invited guest; his speech helped the IT employees in realizing their mission and vision for personal and professional life.

In these kind of seminars, the employees get a good platform to interact, to put forward their ideas. Besides, they get to hear various good speakers, which remarkably help them in getting more focused in their work.

CTO of Saffron Tech Pvt. Ltd he loves to work in and share knowledge of IT and has established a lot of structures all across different platforms in IT. Have been responsible in creating system and resolving complex IT related problems. Recently has been working with the core team of Internet Marketing

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