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Team Lunch

November 9, 2012

The much awaited and cherished moment for each team of IT Chimes is its Team Lunch. The excitement of enjoying a sponsored lunch with the team members is no less pleasing, while the whole idea of receiving this lunch party outside the premises of office that some place of team’s choice, adds cherry on the cake. Team lunch offers quality time, when all the members of each team get the space and time to move out of office premises to a good eating place and relish on their favorite cuisine. It’s a good relaxing time, as the team members chat and giggle out loud without any restrictions.

The whole excitement for the lunch builds up with the wait itself. Ever since the lunch is announced, each team gets into the discussion to decide a good place. Browsing out for different restaurants and checking out its menus is also a fun element that the team enjoys. Need not to mention, all the teams chose to go to complexes that offer good food and nice hang out space; just to chill out after having a belly-packed lunch. No doubt, the prime attraction of the day is the lunch time only. While some teams prefer going out for north Indian cuisine, others choose south Indian and some enjoy to grab the big bites of Pizza. Apart from enjoying,drinking and eating together, the team members strengthen their bonds as a team. Everything about the day ads to the excitement and happiness as the team members spend their time just the way they want.

Of course, team members feel bad when the day comes to its end, but they gear up their spirits thinking of the next team lunch, which they know will be soon announced.

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