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The Darling of Linux: The Darling Project

December 26, 2012

If you use Linux, you must have heard of Wine. Wine is abbreviation of the catchy phrase “Wine Is Not an Emulator” and it helps you run several MS Windows programs on Linux, without a dual booting or a Virtual installation.  Pretty cool, eh? I use Linux myself for a fast computing experience without ever caring about a virus, malware, Trojan and other related stuffs. And, I love gaming (loved rather, till I entered work life) and a music library manager called MediaMonkey. So, Wine came to my rescue and I installed some binaries, libraries, voila! I was happily playing Diablo 2 on a Linux PC.


Diablo 2 on Linux+Wine
Diablo 2 on Linux+Wine


My wife always pointed out Mac is best for designers (which I obviously understood using the fact that she doesn’t have one and the logic “the other side of the fence is always greener”) and I had to study Operating Systems at a rather late age and install Mac OS 10.52 on Windows PC. Poor PC was booting Linux, Windows and Mac depending on the user and the mood.

Anyway, this prolonged foreword isn’t here to show you my skills (which are hard to find I best believe) but to introduce you to a wonderful software in making, called “The Darling Project”. This wonderful piece of software can help you in running your favourite Mac application on Linux. Just like Wine helped me with Windows programs.


The Darling Project
The Darling Project


The Darling Project uses “some code from GNUstep , an open-source implementation of Apple’s Cocoa Objective-C libraries, widget tool-kit, and application tools.” And is developed as a thesis paper by a student called Luboš Doležel, so we can expect few months of serious and continuous hard work on the project. And if he is lucky to have a great guide professor then there is no reason why this program shouldn’t be a fullfledged success.  Till now, Lubos has been successful in running various console programs on Linux using this software.

We wish Luboš Doležel all the best in his endeavour and also hope this is the dawn of a new era of open source computing.

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