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The deceptive world of Black Hat SEO

April 2, 2012

Search Engine Optimization is a common term that everyone in the world of Internet marketing is aware of. It is a process that uses organic techniques to improve rankings of websites of all popular search engines. The entire SEO process is keyword focused and comprises two techniques broadly categorized as White Hat and Black Hat.

An SEO technique is termed White Hat if it uses the norms laid down by the search engines and abides by their guidelines and strictly uses no unethical or deceptive means to secure page rankings.

On the other hand an SEO technique is considered Black Hat if it attempts at increasing page rankings by indulging in means totally condemned by the search engines for using deceptive methods and tricking the search engines.


There are many companies that indulge in Black Hat activities to attain high rankings by means of manipulation. Normally these techniques are recognized by any one or more of the following traits:

  • Breaking search engine rules.
  • Generating a poor user experience that emerges out of illegal techniques used.
  • Presenting content unethically to search engine spiders and users through different visual and non-visual ways.

Black Hat techniques do fetch good ranking results but only in the short run. And the risks of websites, using these unethical techniques, are huge. If the sham is discovered by search engines at any given point, the websites stand at the risk of being reprimanded by the search engines. Search engines are at the liberty of either deleting the websites from their page rankings or completely banning the website from appearing on search engine page results (SERPs).

Unfortunately Black Hat techniques appear lucrative short-term solutions that intentionally invite long-term problems. The world of SEO is ever changing and as it is over the years Black Hat techniques have come on to be known as unethical and the very same techniques were used commonly years ago. Their abuse has indeed led the SEO community to unanimously shun it.

Following is a list of Black Hat techniques that must be avoided by the SEO industry:

  • Keyword stuffing

Overloading the content with keywords spread all across earns the websites the wrath of search engines ultimately.

  • Invisible text

It is about hiding keywords in the same color and merging them with the white background on the page. This text is invisible to the human eye but can easily attract search engine spiders and crawlers.

  •  Doorway pages

Doorway pages are those fake pages that the user never gets to see. These pages are meant for the search engine spiders and aim at securing higher website rankings.

  • Link farms

It is about a large group of websites linked to one another through hyperlinks.

Black Hat is an alluring technique that gets websites high rankings though the unethical way. But the moment it is discovered, the website gets penalized. Therefore all SEO companies should avoid using this immoral technique to get quick results for its clients and more so by keeping them in the dark about the same.


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