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The New Apple iPad Just Got Brighter and Smarter

The soon to be launched new Apple iPad mini is bringing in waves of excitement to its fans in all four corners of the world. Speculations suggest that this fascinating masterpiece unlike its predecessors would have a smaller screen. However its 7.85 inch display would still be better and sharper. The device will feature a Sharp IGZO display and the cost should be just below $300 or so.

Coming down to body size, the latest iPad mini will be nearly as thin as the iPad2. In fact, the durability and the endurance have also been strengthened so that it can resist shocks and normal wear and tear. It has also been predicted that the battery life should be far superior as compared to the previous models which means you can run applications at a stretch without having to worry too much about the power consumption.

Accordingly to recent reports the new Apple iPad would feature Sharp’s IGZO display technology. This technology is well known for its use of gallium, indium and zinc. The screen should be able to exhibit sharper and better picture since the iPad comes with a 330 pixel per inch screen.

Storage problem should not be a problem with the new iPad as it comes with 8 gigs of memory with a price tag between $249 and $299. This new iPad should be competing against the Nexus 7 notepad introduced by Google and the Amazon Kindle Fire.

One of the most striking features of the new iPad mini is its glossy looks and unique screen size. The fascinating display is slightly smaller than any of the competitors. Apple has been working on this feature for quite some time now and has finally come up with a masterpiece.

If you have been waiting for the new iPad mini then it was worth waiting for. The bright and sharp screen and the dimensions of the iPad are striking and is a perfect choice for those who expect a little more from a notepad. Apple seems to be quite confident on this new launch and that it should help them fetch higher and better revenues.

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