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The Road to Victory

July 10, 2015

Saffron Tech., in collaboration with JSB Collar Search had organized a 2 month Summer Cricket tournament in the month of May. The Saffron’s leg of matches included

  • 5 practice matches
  • 2 Intra-departmental matches
  • 1 Final.

After a rigorous regime of fitness and practice matches, the 8 long weekends just lit up for the participating members who enthused at the prospect of competing in the finals against Collar Search.

There were four internal teams within Saffron namely The Day Team, The Night, The Developers Club and Saffron United.

  • The Day Team
  • The Night Team
  • The Developers Club
  • Saffron United
United TeamCollar Team
Saffron United TeamCollar Search Team

Saffron United was formed with the best players of Saffron who had shown their mettle during the internal leg matches. The Final of the Summer Tournament was scheduled to be held on 28th of June, 2015.

Saffron United and Collar Search battled it out on the grounds of Kamla Nehru College Grounds, New Delhi. It was a twenty-twenty match between the two teams who were hungry for the coveted trophy

We are Champions
‘We are the champions’ anthem

Although both the teams were closely matched, but Saffron United, under the leadership of Vibhu Satpaul, managed to outperform Collar Search on the D-Day. Precision in fielding and bowling along with strong batting attack (which includes a quick half century, by Vikram) kept Saffron in control of the game.

The Collar Search Team had played their part and almost had the cup within their grasp, only to succumb to the pressure of chasing the target. Their fielding was inconsistent and also had dropped catches.

As the Collar Search team gave way, Saffron won the match and claimed the championship.
The post match ceremony involved Award presentation, snacks and refreshments for the players and the audience alike.

In the coming months more events are planned for the energetic Saffron Team and its entire family.

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