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Tips to create a website mobile friendly

May 1, 2012

The number of mobile internet users is growing exponentially. It is predicted that by the end of the year 2013 this number will swell to 1.7 billion. The mobile internet is the new thing. It therefore, is the time for online enterprises to gear up for the change and make their websites mobile friendly.

In the following part we tell you how to convert your ordinary website into mobile friendly:

  • Create appealing design

A mobile website should be alluring and rate high on design meter. The content should be well placed and not make it look too cramped. The design should make the visitor comfortable. A visually appealing mobile website entices the users to read on and even visit again for the information. Be soft on colors and white space.

  • Avoid using flash

Not every mobile device supports flash. Therefore, mobile websites should be designed simply to give the users a smooth browsing experience.

  •  Use limited images

Too many images may distract the user and make their browsing experience uneasy. Besides, the little space available on the mobile screen images make it difficult to find related content. It is content and not images that fetch user traffic, hence a mobile website should contain limited images that fit well on the screen.

  •  Create crispy content

Try to use the tiny mobile screen to your advantage by writing gripping headlines and crispy content. That helps catch reader’s attention and at the same time convey maximum information in a few words.

  •  Install plugins

Plugins help transform a mobile website into user friendly. There are many plugins available and many are free. One thing that you must remember is to give your visitor the option to use the standard website.

Use these simple tips to give the users a wonderful time online with their mobiles featuring big or tiny screens.


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