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Too much is too bad HP. BTW did you forget your basics?

January 21, 2012

Excess of everything is bad! Though this common household statement is remotely connected to the world of gizmos, gadgets, widget et al. yet it holds good for the subject matter that I am going to talk about today.

Considering the fact that market is a highly volatile territory surrounded with competition and competitors. And when the industry is Information Technology, tech companies need to be painstakingly careful about designing web pages displaying their product and service details easily accessible to rivals.

As a student of Journalism, I remember faculty members hammering the statement “Too much content crams the webpage and wrings its appeal. As such, viewers feel uncomfortable reading through,” into our heads. (This is not the exact statement but an approximate interpretation). Back then I could not really understand its significance but looking at the picture below, I now realize the hidden valuable meaning.


Back in school a visiting Professor had once said, “Work smart, not hard.” His speech had awed me. For a long time it left me wondering whether it was safer to work hard or smart. Although it is true that one must work smart to achieve goals but in the process one should remain grounded to the basics. Sometimes an overdose of “Smartness” can turn fatal!

In a typical case of playing over-smart, HP made a blunder by creating a crammed landing page that displays its product line HP ENVY 14 series. The web page looks more like a storehouse of information, most of which appears irrelevant owing to the placement of heavy text all around. The color scheme and overall presentation make it the perfect murderous web page that killed the urge in me to even peep at the actual product on display.

Plus the non-stop cognate details, splashed all around, in an unpleasant manner added to the demise of the web page. Going by the reputation that Hewlett-Packard (HP) has earned over the years, the web page came in as a shocker. The overall customer rating blurb on the top is a self-praise trick. And as it is self praise has no recommendation. We didn’t expect HP’s standards to deteriorate to such an extent. They can do a better job than producing a lousy landing page as this.

On the other hand Apple has done a decent rather an elegant job by creating a soothing landing page for its MacBook Air. This web page is an amalgam of simplicity and plainness. The page is not only pleasing but aptly informative and enticing. I did read though the whole page with tranquility and ease that too without feeling overburdened at any point of time.


Apple has managed to convey the right message in a right way to its prospective customers wherein HP has faltered at every step. Apparently HP forgot its basics! Nevertheless, a business should stick to its fundamentals than trying to experiment with the patience of its end use consumers and prospects.

HP indeed dug its own hole to pave way for Apple to have the final bite of the slice!

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