In the growing world of IT, number of innovations and inventions are on their mark. It is now a turning point in the history of computer languages and software. What we knew ten years ago is once again reviving with full strength.


The people working in computers moved ahead in dynamic languages. In today’s world it   seems as if those languages do not exist anymore.

The truth is different we live in the world of technology where the old languages are being revived to combine with the new ones so that the software are a great combo of the old and the new tools.

Although it is a great thing to work on yet it leaves a big question mark saying which language should be preferably learnt.

What is a computer language?

Just like in daily life communication relies on the language so is the case with computers. A computer based communication needs a set of formally constructed language which helps the person work with the computer. The computer languages create system to deal with the behavioral system of a computer and also with expressing the various algorithms.


As mentioned the age of technology is bringing together the new and the old languages to create the one which suits the needs of the time. Hence those intending to learn computer languages think that which language to be learnt. An analysis by the computer techs reveal that there are five languages that will likely be the top five programing languages. They are:

  1. Java
  2. C
  3. C++
  4. Python
  5. C#


Java is the most commonly used language as it serves the general needs of a computer programmer. The language is known for being class based and concurrent. It is created and designed in such a way that the implementation dependency is limited.  The basic principle behind the language is to keep the developers at ease because it means to them “write once, run anywhere” (WORA). This refers that the Java language has no limitations because it can be run on any java compatible platform without recompiling it. The Java based mobile applications are special as they can run on any Java Virtual Machine by compiling it to byte code. Here the computer architecture is of no use. In the year 2015, Java was one of the most popular programming. It was considered highly valuable client-server web applications. It had a total of 9 million developers last year. The Java programming was introduced in 1955. The syntax of the language comes from C and C++


C language is one other language that is needed for the coming year. It supports the structured programming and lexical variable. The C language is used to make the map of machine instructibles. It has replaced the former language used for coding assembly language. It is used in computers of all types and ranges like supercomputers. The language was developed by Dennis Richtie between 1969 and 1973. Since then it prevails in the world of computer languages


C++ is another general-purpose programming language. It is known for being imperative, object-oriented and generic programming language. It helps in facilitating the low-level memory manipulation. The product emerged as the result of the bias for system programming. The strength of this language lies in its flexibility, software infrastructure and resource constrained applications. It is used in several desktop applications, servers like e-commerce, web search or SQL servers, and many performance based applications like telephone switches or space probes. C++ is a language which is compiled and has number of platforms to be used in. It is provided by many organizations including FSF, LLVM, Microsoft development, Intel and IBM. It has influenced many other languages like C#, Java.

programming languages for 2016



Python is a general-purpose, high-level programming language. The basic feature of the program is code readability. It has a strong syntax base which helps the programmers to describe in limited code lines which makes it convenient than other languages like C++ or Java. Hence, it helps the language developers to enable clearing of programs at different levels. The Python is highly useful in giving support to number of programming paradigms. The long list includes number of procedural methods and styles. It is distinguished for dynamic type system and automatic memory management.


The C# language is comparatively is somewhat very simple and multi purpose object-oriented programming language. It is a great help in software engineering especially in various types of checking like strict type checking. In case of C# the following aspects including Software versatility, long lasting, plus programmer productivity are very obvious. The language is used in developing number of software which can be used for further developments. The language can be used for writing all sorts of applications. They are economical in terms of memory.


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