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Tridiv: New Web Based CSS 3D Editor

August 28, 2013

Are you a web designer or developer? Have you heard of Julian Garnier? If not, you might be listening a lot about him very soon. He has just delivered Tridiv, which is a web based 3D editor and already people like Andy Baio are calling it ‘astounding’.



Snapshot of

4 views of the object has been provided in this editor in a traditional style of using 4 panes with each pane providing one viewing angle and one giving complete view of of the 3D object. Extremely sophisticated objects can be created using Tridiv and HTML & CSS can be used on the go, using Tridiv itself or CodePen.

Garnier worked alone on it for a period of one month, working daily for one hour, that is a great achievement in itself. He used some self manufactured JS applets to create common objects in an automated way because he thought that would be time consuming as well futile exercise. He added the WYSIWYG feature with lots of lightning and shapes.

According to Garnier, Tridiv can come very beneficial for logo animation, like the one he has used on the project homepage, as it would diminish the need of JS. It has been tested on iPhone and found to be working flawlessly where JS has a very high tendency to fail. In short, he says, it can be very useful to design simple UI and and logos where using JS would just not worth it.

The best thing is Tridiv is completely free and can be used right away.

The only drawback is it is webkit based which means IE and Firefox wouldn’t be able to run this. Garnier plans to remove this deficiency soon by adding cross-browser support.

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