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Ubuntu Edge: Dream or Reality?

August 1, 2013

We are deep into mobile application development and this is why we need to keep a tab on what is happening in the mobile industry. That is why lately, we are listening a lot about Ubuntu Edge, the smartphone which is catching enough attraction, be it positive or negative.
Ubuntu Edge is a smartphone launched by Cannonical, the biggest name in Linux industry, and it has some features.
This phone can boot as an Android device (oops, first blow to the purists) and also using Ubuntu Touch, the Ubuntu’s effort of mobile OS. More on Ubuntu Touch on Ubuntu’s official page.


This is a PC in your pocket as well. Yes, the moment you dock this phone, this phone becomes the CPU of a very powerful computer. All you need is to connect a monitor, keyboard and mouse. You will have a full fledged desktop Ubuntu PC.

The hardware is expensive too. The screen is one of its kind. 4.5 inch Sapphire display which gives 300 ppi (which is decent enough) and stresses more on clarity. resolution, dynamic range and colour accuracy are major factors they are considering.

They have not disclosed the processor they will be using, “fastest available multi-core processor” is all they say. But they have a 4 GB RAM and 128 GB onboard storage!! That is double than the biggest one available now, some iPads and HTC models come with 64 GB.
Even the battery is Silicon Anode which means there can be more power per square inch.

There are technological advances announced everyday so what are we talking about this one?  Because, no matter how rich Mark Shuttleworth is and no matter how many times he travelled in the space shuttle, worthing a few million, he is not using his money to create this phone. Oh no, he is way too clever for that.
They have launched one indigogo campaign with a target of 32 million (yes you read it correct) and once it is raised, they will start producing this technological marvel. And we used to think, these kickstarter campaigns are for relatively poor people with brilliant ideas.
The perks are equally costly. For the first 50 phones coming out of the mill, you need to pay $10,000! 5 people have already claimed it as well!! Whoa, there are indeed some fanboys! There are several other perks. For $20 you get your name on the walls of Hollywood (the Ubuntu founder’s page, we mean), @ $50 you get a nice tshirt with Mark smiling on your chest and you get the phone for various donations like $725, $775, $780, $790 and $830 (we failed to understand what different benefits you get for different donations, each perk reads the very same).

Over all, the campaign has raised 25% of the total project already i.e. $8 million is already there for Mark. However, the initial flow has slowed down considerably. Within the first 24 hours of launch, the campaign gathered over 10% of the target, from then only 15% more has been gathered.

Our suggestion to Mark, offer a less powerful phone for $400 and many people will come looking for it, at least I am ready to pay $400 for a 2GB, 32 GB, 300 PPi 5 inch Ubuntu phone. But when did Mark last listened to someone??

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