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Venmo Features “News Feed Of Payments in Redesigned App

Venmo believes that when anyone pay back for dinner, drinks or movie tickets, they are sharing good memories and their friends would like to see. Recently, venom has re-launched its BlackBerry, Android and IOS apps a news feed about the payments on the home screen. It follows interface trends Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

It has placed “Pay” button in the navigation bar so that the users can quickly settle their debts. It has also started notifying users through emails informing them default payments are now publicly visible to other users on Venmo. Already 42% of the payment has been shared on Venmo, provided its news feed was hidden in the app.

According to the Co-founder of Venmo, Andrew Kortina, Venmo will succeed where as other such apps like Blippy failed. This is because Venmo include payments to friends “naturally involve a social experience”.


Courtesy: m.techcrunch

Venmo users can now view their payment history with a friend and get their money back instantly through this social media site. New feeds have make venom more vital. You can now download the redesigned Venmo app online and start getting interesting payment feeds.

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