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Web designers’ guide to a successful 2014

January 13, 2014

Web designers make a creative lot, and our job is to listen, analyze and then produce the best online identity for by our clients. Simply put, but is not. For instance, as web designers we need to understand and relate to the thought process of our client, which requires digging for deeper information, objectives and overall experience to be provided to the site’s visitors. Therefore, combining technical skills and creative bug with client handling, I have compiled a set of pointers that would indicate how to be a successful web designer in 2014.

Old is not always Gold, switch to new design trends

Web developers have a documented propensity to get much too accustomed to their traditional design ways. However, if a web designer wishes to taste success this year, then making a shift to the contemporary design trends is the real of hour. Some of the trends that have caught the fancy of internet experts are flat design, continuous scrolling, vibrant font usage, responsive design approach and parallax scrolling.

Similarly, some things have gotten obsolete over the time and their usage should be stopped right away, even if it was suggested by the client. Think about it this way, most of the clients’ knowledge base is limited as compared to a web designer. Therefore, as web designers we should know what would be better for the client and it is our duty to inform them about the perks of staying up to date. So this begs the question- What is In and What is Out?

Design trends that will stay in fashion

Flat UI design, vibrant fonts, high resolution backgrounds and pictures, and continuous scrolling are definitely going to be among the things that we will be in vogue throughout 2014. In order to curb the bounce rate and engage the targeted customer base, UX (User Experience) has to be of top quality. Therefore, valuable content should be visible on the website using clear and larger fonts to enhance their message conveying ability. Continuous webpage scrolling scheme emerged remarkably in 2013, and was quickly accepted as the new design flavor of web designing. Mashable, Facebook, Forbes and almost every well-established web portal has adopted continuous scrolling, and this trend is expected to continue in 2014.

Responsive design has significantly evolved over last year. Considering the exponential growth in numbers of mobile internet users, there is no doubt that it is the most user friendly way of providing content and information flow on cellular devices. The use of responsive design has helped in presenting information comprising text, images and videos in a more lucid way on cellular devices and tablets. Creating mobile specific sites is history, and responsive and self adjusting websites are the order of the day. Websites with integrated parallax scrolling require more system resources, but have been appreciated by both users and internet experts. This website design practice possesses the creative appeal to keep its viewers hooked, and we are likely to witness some more action and experiments in this regard throughout 2014.

Design trends that would eventually lose ground in 2014

Web design and development is a highly competitive industry, and constantly strives for creative experiments and improvisation. Trends emerge, take speed and ultimately lose their value due to new coming of age shifts. Some ideas are expected to mark their exit in 2014, and a good web designer should think twice before incorporating them in his/her work. Experts believe that flash intros, sliding banners, low quality and gaudy graphics might get extinct from upcoming websites in the near future.

Further, large complex websites are not welcome by any means and could result in driving the targeted customers away. At present, the designers are focused more towards building clear, simple and succinct websites that complement their objectives and are successful in engaging their audience. This year has been earmarked for more evolution and experiments in web portal design and development, and it would be interesting to see what 2014 has in store for us.


Utkarsh Sahu works as an internet marketing expert and professional writer for IT Chimes during the day, and it is night when he loves to pen his thoughts about science, technology, cars or just about anything that gets his attention. He’s a music lover, languorous wordsmith with a wicked sense of humor and a serious case of kebab freak. He is an avid automobile fan and aspires to ride a Lamborghini Miura once down the French country side. He wants to stay an exuberant kid for the rest of his life, and believes in the Eat-Play-and-Love philosophy. He can be found tweeting on Twitter @UtkSahu

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