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Web Development… The Next Generation Wave in the Indian IT Scenario

March 14, 2009

With the rapid pace that India is developing and considering the fast changing IT scenario, web development has now become a major focus for most emerging companies. Today, India is being viewed as the next major IT hub providing world class web development solutions aimed to boost online businesses for most emerging companies. Indian software and web development markets are flourishing and gaining considerable attention from most foreign companies who wish to outsource their web development requirements.

By creating a global presence for itself, the Indian IT industry is generating significant revenues in the world market thus making it the most preferred choice for web development activities. In recent time most IT firms in India have proven their capabilities by offering quality software tools and web solutions in the global arena. In fact, many Indian firms have demonstrated their skills by delivering commendable IT solutions for a wide range of business requirements.

Looking at today’s scenario it can be observed that with internet progressing, many emerging companies in diverse areas have opened up web development companies. India is now a favourite destination for various web development solutions owing to its low cost manpower, world-class communication and infrastructure facilities, extensive technical knowhow and sheer focus on the quality front. Looking at the overall scenario, if we make a comparison between India and other countries then one can observe that truly India has more number of talented professionals who can deliver far better quality work as compared to any other nation.

Many multinational setups now understand the importance of having a well developed website. Not only does it help in making the end consumer aware of the company’s products and services but also helps in generating revenue by promoting brand consciousness.

The underlying technologies in developing a website have also changed. Many web development companies are now using latest customised tools like Flash, Ajax, PHP and .Net to create various online functionalities and web applications. This helps in streamlining various businesses processes and helps companies connect to their customers.

If you are looking to outsource your web development activities to some professional company then you need to ensure that the company you hire is proficient in all major fields of online marketing. By having a well developed website does not necessarily mean that you can conquer the market. Nowadays many online companies are trying to optimize their website to make them more search engine friendlier. Amazingly, statistics reveal that majority of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Companies are located in India and are catering to the various business requirements of companies located both domestically and abroad.

Many emerging web development companies of high repute like for instance IT Chimes ( are great companies to be associated with. They go the extra mile by understanding the basic requirement of clients before offering innovative web development solutions. It is anticipated that with the growth of globalization and the pace that the Indian IT market is moving forward, India is going to be an ultimate destination for most web development solutions.

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