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What Happens When You Have too Many Drives Online?

May 8, 2012

Recently Google launched Googledrive which is competition with Microsoft Skydrive, Dropbox and ApplieiCloud. Everyone is providing free storage to start off with and all are good to use. A good comparison is provided by which is worth noting before making a choice of going with one of them. Which would help you know which one to go for? If you were looking for collaboration of users to edit the file together online then Google drive, sky drive or Box would help you more. If you are looking for your own personal use and want to sync mails to calendar to contacts on your phone then could would work for Mac/iPhone users. If we are to consider privacy there are always concerns on privacy with them.


Now coming to a vision where we have too many drives and usage online. How would it work when you have to transfer a big chunk of files from one place to the other directly? There is no system as such all you have to do is downloading it and upload it again which is tedious. If you don’t wish to have public offering of a file and want to have a specific user access a file they would need to open an account with the drive you use and use it unless they leave it open to public for sharing.


The marketing is getting filled by opportunity that exists and other bigger players and whales just jump in as well to grab as much as they can. The choice is yours of what works for you. But the interoperability and usage of too many drives if you have them is difficult to manage unless you have managed to have them be for separate use.

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