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WhistleTalk-Hire easy,hire quick, hire best and Earn !!

I always write for the technical department, as they complained, while forgetting to write anything about the other departments. Being the kind-hearted which I am, today I thought of covering a site or tool which the HR department should pay heed to.

Probably you know, probably you don’t that there is a website called WhistleTalk. What does it do? Well, if nothing they recently received a funding of $ 400K (that is almost 2 Crores/ 20 million in India) from a private fund provider in Hyderabad. But what is it all about? It is about doing Facebook and getting paid for it. No kidding! This is true, just instead of using Facebook the great, you have to use the SNS of Whistletalk. “Hire the best | Help friends | Get a referral bonus | Stay informed” is how they have placed themselves in a nutshell.

WhistleTalk-How it works

WhistleTalk- How it works. courtesy:

Let me explain a bit, suppose you have a vacancy. You share it on their site in your profile which your friends can see. People can do a re-share (like in Google+) which means the vacancy reaches out to more. Then they do another reshare or apply. In short, using the exponential growth of coverage on SNS, your vacancy reaches out to the far with very little conscious effort from your side. And more exposure it gets, better is the chance that you find the most suitable candidate. Why would people do a re-share? It is because if the applicant is chosen from his re-sharing, he gets paid as well, known as “referral bonus” in Whistletalk-land.

I like the idea (and like always wondered why it didn’t come to me) as this is a win-win situation for everybody. The Whistler (Job poster) gets the best candidate, the applicant received the dream job and whoever re-shared got their percentage. All happy!

This tool can be a great help to the HR department if used properly. I mean no more scouting, no more phone calls to candidates, no more going through the databases of Job searching portals, no more scanning CVs, yes it is a great tool. And, registration is FREE.  I say, why not try it out.

HR, are you reading?

(P.S. Our HR department is cool actually, but never miss a chance to poke them. In case you have a desire to work in our fun environment, visit the career page.)

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