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Windows Tablet- A Battle Lost?

October 1, 2012

The all-new windows 8 tablets are slated to be released in India in the near future but already almost all tech-savvy Indians know much about it. Let’s talk about things which we don’t know or few of us know.

Hybrid tablets are those which can take shape of a tablet and of a laptop. Some devices have a detachable screen, which when detached can act as a tablet. Other devices are having the tablet touchscreen on the backside of the top lid of the laptop.

As Windows 8 is going to be a touch enabled OS so, it is very much suitable for tablets and these hybrids. The metro look, cloud computing support and other excellent features are ready to change our approach to computing soon. Moreover, the completely new user interface is a prominent shift from how we interacted with computers in MS environment since Windows 95.

Many hardware makers have plunged themselves in manufacturing this next-gen hybrids. The prominent models being ASUS Vivo Tab & Taichi, Toshiba Satellite U925t, Dell XPS Duo 12, Samsung Series 5 & 7 slate, Lenovo Ideapad Yoga and MICROSOFT SURFACE.


While the look can kill, the usefulness is versatile and the interface is very innovative, still there are many questions raised about the durability of these devices.

Although Cloud computing is supported, the original inbuilt memory is limited to 32 GB or 64 GB only. In this age, when we are generally buying 1 TB (1000 GB) hard disks for our PCs, how long will we survive on a tiny 64 GB? To worsen the situation, let’s imagine, I have no access to the cloud. Also, the weak core architecture may not suffice needs where people are looking for beefier specs.

To make the picture gloomier, hardware manufacturers and OEMs are forced to fix the price almost 100 USD above the competitors of other platforms as Microsoft is charging them $ 80-95 for a Windows 8 license per device.

This is the age of laptops and tablets, as we can see after the launch of iPad, but how these Windows 8 hybrids will dominate, only time can tell.

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