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Automation Testing

Automation has become an important part of the IT industry. With the increase in added functionality and limitation of time, with a great amount of workload, automation testing is gaining popularity. Manual testings are time consuming, laborious, inefficient and costly. Automation testing helps to cut costs and conduct an efficient and accurate testing in a less amount of time. We, at IT Chimes provides the best automation testing service in India.

Reasons to consider Automation Testing

  • There are certain softwares which requires repetitive testings. In such cases manual testings are time consuming. Hence, automation testing proves beneficial.
  • By using automation testing, the test process and results can be stored and updated for future use.
  • It ensures accuracy.
  • Manual testing requires the developers to devout time in testing. But, with automation the process becomes easy for the testing team.

What do we offer?

We offer the following-

  • Software Test automation.
  • Mobile automation.
  • Web Automation Testing.
  • Functional Test Automation.

Our Procedure

For automation testing, we follow the below mentioned methodology-

  • Assessment- We understand the client’s business requirements and testing requirements and hence, follow the selection of the tools accordingly.
  • Planning- Proper tool installation and configuration along with formulating test cases.
  • Optimization- Determining the framework implementation and making a script.
  • Execution of the procedure- Conducting the test, analyzing the result and preparation of the final review.
  • Reporting- Error reporting.

Why choose IT Chimes for your automation testing?

  • We have a highly skilled team, who have a great deal of expertize in automation testing. Our team ensures to provide the best service to achieve the goal and objectives of the client’s business.
  • We offer a comprehensive automation solution for multiple domains.
  • To cut the client’s costs, we have developed our own automated testing framework- the Selenium.


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