Multimedia Services that we provide

Multimedia, as the name suggests, is media and content that uses multiple content forms such as text, audio, still images, animation, video and interactivity-related content forms. It conveys messages across to a certain audience in an enhanced manner, attracts and holds their attention,  with the ability to highlight prominent points, and look visually appealing

IT Chimes is a professional Multimedia Company in India and offers a complete range of Multimedia Services. Enhanced levels of interactivity are made possible with the use of multimedia, offering a broader scope than ever to help make your business boom. We offer stimulating multimedia presentations, e-brochures, interactive animation and corporate videos, and are known to deliver only the finest quality products.


Multimedia Services Offered

  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Interactive Catalogues
  • Point of Information Touch Screen Kiosks
  • Electronic Brochures
  • Cartoon Animation
  • Flash Animation

The use of these technologies helps communicating your creativity, ideas, and corporate information to clients and customers in an engaging fashion. IT Chimes makes it possible for your clients to visualize your products and services in a three-dimensional manner.


Technologies We Use for Multimedia Services

  • Adobe Premier: Video editing
  • Macromedia Flash
  • 3D Max: 2D and 3D animations
  • Adobe Photoshop: Graphic Designing
  • Sound Forge: Sound editing


Our Methodology for Multimedia Services

  • Understand the prime business objectives to be achieved by the incorporation of multimedia
  • Research the Target Audience to be reached through Multimedia Services
  • Study the technology to be used
  • Understand the budget constraints of the client and offer the best solutions
  • Brainstorming sessions to find the best way to communicate through Multimedia Presentation
  • Develop the final product and deliver to the client on time

Please fill up the Request For Proposal form for further information on how IT Chimes can be of help to your organization or contact us now with your requirement.


  • Thank you for your continued work on this project. Thank you for your flexibility and ability to adjust to needs. Thank you for continuing to monitor and work all aspects of the project...

    Matt Dill, Data Snap
  • I’ve worked with IT Chimes for 7 months now and regard them as a key partner. I have a close relationship with my project manager (Vibhu) who speaks great English and has lived in the UK...

    Grant Crow, My Talent Place
  • Excellent Work! Exactly what I wanted. I always thought it will be hard to bring my company’s essence on the web. Thanks for doing this...

    Pia Hallstrom, Pia Hallstrom Ltd. (UK)
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