A photo is worth a thousand words, goes the cliché’ and it holds completely true. A special moment, a complicated design aspect, a beautiful picture to share, or simply as a reference, photos are used for multiple reasons on photo websites, And putting up your pictures online is a way to preserve those photos, and make them last.


Why IT Chimes?

We at IT Chimes, with the help of our professional team who have a significant amount of expertise in this field can help you with the designing of your Photo Website and provide unique features to make it stand out from the multitudes of other photo sites that are available today. A photograph of your products and services can go a long way in promoting sales, since buyers always like to see what they buy. Also, a slideshow or photo book of pictures of family and friends put up with captions is a good way share and relive the fun times.


Features we provide include:

  • Forums and other community platforms for photographers to exchange and discuss
  • Ecommerce capabilities for photographers to market and sell their work
  • Photo blogs, photo book maker, calendar maker, and keepsakes
  • RSS feeds to notify friends and close ones about new photos


Your advantages with IT Chimes:

  • We give you the advantage of a wide range of photo uploading methods to choose from
  • Advanced control as to how the images are displayed
  • All photo sites include easy navigation for searching, creating, and purchasing photo gifts. All photo gifts are customized with the user’s own digital photos and can be previewed by the user to review before purchase.
  • Geo-tagging, which means tagging the digital photos with information about the exact location (latitude, longitude and altitude) where the photos were taken. Recognized as a futuristic requirement, geo-tagging has a huge potential for growth
  • Site Administration – The Photo Website Design we create includes an extensive admin system with various administration levels. The admin users (depending on access) will have the capability to add, delete products, change pricing and any other modifications necessary. The system can provide detailed order reports, transaction reports and membership reports.



We are always striving towards accomplishing innovative solutions to improve our products. We would Love to hear from you regarding new products or ideas, and together work on visions of the future!

Please fill up the Request For Proposal form for further information on how IT Chimes can be of help to your organization or contact us now with your requirement.


  • Thank you for your continued work on this project. Thank you for your flexibility and ability to adjust to needs. Thank you for continuing to monitor and work all aspects of the project...

    Matt Dill, Data Snap
  • I’ve worked with IT Chimes for 7 months now and regard them as a key partner. I have a close relationship with my project manager (Vibhu) who speaks great English and has lived in the UK...

    Grant Crow, My Talent Place
  • Excellent Work! Exactly what I wanted. I always thought it will be hard to bring my company’s essence on the web. Thanks for doing this...

    Pia Hallstrom, Pia Hallstrom Ltd. (UK)
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