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Case Study - Armana e-Leaning

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Requirement Statement

The clients wanted their e-Learning portal to be implicit and exclusively target the large student base across the Internet. They wanted the website to be dynamic and communicate about their online tutorial services and virtual education opportunities offered in a protected milieu.

Solution Offered

IT Chimes has created the website www.armana-elearning.no. The e-Learning and skill development portal was designed to attract students exploring learning opportunities on the Internet. The website offers online learning for Math and Physics. We developed the online learning module and added features like blog, live chat and integrated PayPal to the dynamic website to provide a simplified user experience.

Client Comment

“We are extremely satisfied with the good job by IT Chimes team. We think the website looks exactly the way we envisaged it. We know a lot of hard work and research has gone into this project and we appreciate every bit of effort made. We wonder if someone else could have actually understood our need so well.”

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