Web Portal Development

Every business needs a strong web presence. Whether you need to create an initial presence on the web or expand on your existing portal, we have got you covered.
IT Chimes can help you design web portals that derive results and are UX and UI friendly. We have successfully delivered over 200+ portals till date and have the required acumen to cater to any kind of Web Portal needs.


How We Deliver the Best

When you work with IT Chimes, you are working with the best and most experienced developers around. From the planning phase right down to execution we follow a transparent and procedural operations process where you receive real time updates regarding the status of the project.

Our dynamic team comprises of all necessary skillset and experience to provide you the best Portal experience possible. The web portals we create can provide your customers with an engaging and dynamic user experience, enhancing the value of your brand and the reputation of your business.


What We Offer

Enterprise Web Portal Development

An enterprise portal is all about integrating informative solutions, employee database, consumer and client process integration across various organizational boundaries.


Community Web Portal Development

A Community Portal aims to garner quality traffic for your website. Community portal helps members to communicate and share informative data in a flexible manner while adhering to community guidelines and conditions.


Social Network Portal Development

We create UX  friendly social portals, where people can engage and share their personal experiences and ideas with like minded people. Our solutions are characterized by their service oriented design, interactive user interface, open APIs and handle Web 2.0 content in an easy-to-use fashion.


Job/ Internship Portal Development

If your business involves Staffing and Internship providing services, we recommend opting for a streamlined Job or Internship Portal. Which is smooth and responsive for Managing a large number of talent and Employer database. It is guaranteed to make your job more easier and scalable.


Travel Portal Development

Travel portal development has become a buzzword for the Travel industry leaders. Our Dynamic travel portal includes many nifty features such as price, packages, destination and vacation planners amongst many others.


Price Comparison Portal Development

Why visit over a dozen retailers when you can get the best price from one website? Price comparison portals help users find the best deals as per their requirements. We design comparison web portals which are sleek and streamlined for best user experience.


E-Commerce Portal Development

E-commerce portals facilitate online retail and buyer experience and enhances it to a whole new level. But, without the appropriate design the portal could become an utter disaster. That is why we help you create the perfect responsive portal for your business that is well optimized to ensure traffic and conversion.


News Portal Development

News portals are online platforms that helps share news articles across the world wide web and reach your consumers. It contains press releases, news blogs, publications and other news related content. We create customizable news portals which are quick to load and easily navigable.

Client Portal Development

A client portal is by far the best way to encourage the transparent culture in an organisation and build an amazing customer experience. It is a private online gateway where you can communicate and share your data with your customers.


Advantages of Web Portals For Your Business

  • Your Business web portal can get vital clients.
  • Can grow a customer base for repeat visits.
  • It is a one-time investment on Domain and Host.
  • Will improve inter-business transactions.
  • Has easy to implement marketing strategies.
  • Streamlines operations and reduces costs.
  • Has automated business operations and processes.


How We Do It

Step 1 – Acquire Knowledge

Before we proceed to development we go over the project brief that the client expects and provide recommendation as to which kind of portal would work best for them.


Step 2 – Resource Allocation

Once the scope and scale of the project is decided, we allocate resources that will work on the project. This is the phase where we also finalize the cost of the project.


Step 3 – Project Timeline

We prepare a comprehensive Timeline document where each phase is highlighted alongside their time-frame. This is reviewed from time to time and helps keep the client an the team updated regrading the progress of the project.


Step 4 – Execution

Once the project is underway, there are regular reviews between the team and the client to ensure the project is aligned as per plan. Any modifications or additions are also taken into consideration during these meetings.


Step 4 – Execution

Once the project is underway, there are regular reviews between the team and the client to ensure the project is aligned as per plan. Any modifications or additions are also taken into consideration during these meetings.


Step 5 – Going Live

After the development phase is over, the testing phase begins. Testing the portal before making it live is essential because no one likes to use a website or portal with bugs or errors on them.

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  • Thank you for your continued work on this project. Thank you for your flexibility and ability to adjust to needs. Thank you for continuing to monitor and work all aspects of the project...

    Matt Dill, Data Snap
  • I’ve worked with IT Chimes for 7 months now and regard them as a key partner. I have a close relationship with my project manager (Vibhu) who speaks great English and has lived in the UK...

    Grant Crow, My Talent Place
  • Excellent Work! Exactly what I wanted. I always thought it will be hard to bring my company’s essence on the web. Thanks for doing this...

    Pia Hallstrom, Pia Hallstrom Ltd. (UK)
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