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Timesheet Management System

IT Chimes makes planning, managing and reporting easy with Time Management System. This helps in fulfilling your business requirements, creating better understanding among employees, discovering areas to track and approve them accordingly.

IT Chimes’ streamlined methodology promotes result and quality driven results. Our experts strive towards building quality in your products and application at every stage of your project. We have flexible and refined business process to develop website project regardless of size and complexity.

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We begin with understanding your audience, business challenges, objectives and requirements to get comprehensive idea of your business. After this qualitative research and analyze of business and competition we began with the following steps:

  • Assimilate all your business requirements at one place through call or email. Our experts strategies together to eliminate the loopholes.
  • The scope of the work further gets inculcated in the strategy.
  • All the resources are reallocated on workload chart for the project.
  • A wireframe with defined timelines in Gantt Chart.
  • Prior to launching the project, we introduce all the allocated members through phone call of face to face meeting.
  • Project management tools are set on a single platform.www.imintelly.com


Our designers prepare web pages and graphics integrated with your brand’s identity. Keeping user experience as our priority, High/low design for mobile browser and apps are created.

  • Web pages are designed keeping your unique specification in mind.
  • The wireframe are build on Adobe Photoshop and mockups are shared on invisionapp.
  • After the graphics designs are approved, we slice graphics for HTML prototypes. These HTML then get uploaded on the development server.


In the development stage, the designs are translated into codes. This stage takes time depending upon the the scope of assigned project. Meanwhile, project managers always stay in the loop to address client’s queries.

  • Our team members set up database environment and IDE.
  • A regular chain of communication through IM Intelly and emails is maintained.
  • Spring tests are performed by our developers to fix bugs through Bugnet tool. This test is conducted twice to fix bugs and glitches across various browser and devices.
  • The entire work is uploaded and we demonstrate milestone release.


A final review of entire website is done through testing. This testing services adhere to the highest security and industry standards. We possess flexible team and testing labs to test website across various devices and platforms. The basis of these test are stability and checking performance.

  • Functionality test is conducted for checking forms, conditions, triggers and calculations.
  • Basic UI/UX testing, responsiveness and compatibility of browser is put to test.
  • Beta test launch be before website launch.
  • Performs test to improve speed and optimize site using minify tools, google speed test and gtmatrix.
  • We offer continuous support to make the website run smoothly and improve website, post launch.
  • Finally the project gets completed and moves from the floor.


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