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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is the availability of computing resources on demand via internet. With comprehensive team of developers and engineers, IT Chimes helps large enterprises to extract complete benefits of cloud computing services.

Running applications and designing on cloud cumbersome is expensive and high on demand. We help organizations from complexities of maintaining and building application architectures to focus on business solutions rather than technical underpinnings. We possess experience across various platforms such as Google apps Engine, Microsoft Azure, Standing Cloud and many others.

At IT Chimes, we offer following services:

  • Platform as a Service
    The platform act as moderates for applications on cloud providing software, hardware and hosting support. Companies can migrate and deploy application on the cloud.
  • Software as a Service
    This allows people to leverage functionalities of software as it runs on several other computers connected through internet. They don’t even have to install, buy, maintain and upgrade software.
  • Infrastructure as a Service
    Cloud offers unlimited offerings in term of hosting, networking and storing. The scalability factor is easily managed at minimal price.

Our Cloud Migration and Management Services help in optimizing and improving business performance, such as:

  • COTS Software Deployment
    To make application move promptly COTS software is deployed, such as SharePoint-on-demand and SAP-on-demand
  • High Performance Computing
    Our HPC applications offer exceptional processing power to migrate data applications on cloud.
  • Hybrid, Public and Private Cloud Management
    We include client-hosted private or SAT cloud infrastructure and public cloud hosting.

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