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Xamrin uses C# programming language to be used as a tool for application development technology. Programming languages like Xamrin.Mac, Xamrin.iOS and Xamrin.Android aids the developers with about 90% of code reuse throughout iOS, Windows and Andriod.

Reasons you should use Xamrin for your Android and iOS cross-platform development.

Exceptional Work

The Android and iOS have features (UI and SDK) which are predominantly different to both of their platform’s appearance and behaviour. Such features are central to iOS and Android. Xamrin includes both iOS specific .NET classes and Android specific .NET classes which allows the language to take advantages of each platform’s unique features.

Faster Time-To-Market

Allowing the code application logic, Xamrin allows sharing it across iOS and Android. Xamrin allows you to focus the efforts on app building features and later shipping the app. This reduces the time of development to almost half.

Ready for Windows

Using Xamrin in order to create the iOS/Andriod apps makes these apps all ready to support support Windows phones. The shared logics created for iOS and Android apps can be supportive for the windows phone.

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