Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Company

The techniques we employ in our Customer Relationship Management (or CRM) solutions include helping you address the unique needs of all your customers throughout the entire customer life-cycle, right from product/service marketing,  order processing, sales, product delivery, and follow up customer services.

Benefits of A Great CRM

  • The effective CRM systems that we provide are customized to suit the individual needs of your organization, and add value well beyond regular sales and services.
  • Helps monitoring all customer related issues, including customer support, response procedures, and reference service histories
  • A good CRM solution helps in marketing by capturing & creating new business opportunities
  • It helps improving the overall customer experience, creating a loyal customer base
  • You can identify targets for your campaign and schedule follow-up tasks
  • It helps you get quality customer and business prospects
  • Helps assessing and managing sales forecasts & results
  • Helps reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


Outsource your CRM development To Us

Outsourcing you CRM requirements to us enables us to provide you with quality services that will enable you to better serve your customers through reliable, automated processes of personal information gathering and processing. It helps in the customer rewarding process. Staying customer-centric is vital to long-term sustainability and greatly helps you increase you ROI in the long term.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is an industry term for software solutions that help enterprise businesses manage customer relationships in an organized way.It plays an important role for the success of any organization, effective management of customer data.


  • Thank you for your continued work on this project. Thank you for your flexibility and ability to adjust to needs. Thank you for continuing to monitor and work all aspects of the project...

    Matt Dill, Data Snap
  • I’ve worked with IT Chimes for 7 months now and regard them as a key partner. I have a close relationship with my project manager (Vibhu) who speaks great English and has lived in the UK...

    Grant Crow, My Talent Place
  • Excellent Work! Exactly what I wanted. I always thought it will be hard to bring my company’s essence on the web. Thanks for doing this...

    Pia Hallstrom, Pia Hallstrom Ltd. (UK)
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