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IT Chimes presents its cloud based solutions collaborated with beautiful and creative designs. The company provides end-to-end services for dealing with existing applications or for new cloud ideas.

The wide range of services includes

Consolidating The Data

Cloud systems enables its users to deliver data by consolidation and integration to various applications throughout the enterprise ecosystem.

Configuration Through Cloud

Cloud configurations can be customised according to the needs of the clients in such a manner that it corresponds to the business requirements and enhances the scalability, usability application and information retrieval.

Cloud Based Application Development

The professional and experienced developers are dedicated cloud applications that meets the custom needs and that which can target public, private and hybrid cloud platforms.


The legacy applications are migrated to the cloud which enables a scalable computing power. This lets the app get access to elastic infrastructure services as demanded by the business.

Why Choose us?

The developers at IT Chimes are equipped with an extensive experience and expertise of their field. Their skills are enhanced by the number of projects they have successfully completed for their global clients.

Using Cloud Services Will Help Your Business To

  • Deploy rapidly
  • Assessing it thoroughly
  • Advanced methodology
  • Gaining responsive solutions
  • Reduction in cost and ROI

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