Distinguished Quality Factors

IT Chimes as a Quality Web Development Company ensures the highest quality standards in the services and solutions that we provide to our clients, both in the Website Design and Web Development domains that we have expertise in. We have a structured methodology that we have engineered through our past experiences related to innovative study and rigorous research work. We apply the same at all levels in project life cycles to maintain high quality standards and get the required final output. Our dedication to delivering the highest quality output has helped us achieve the distinguished ISO:9001:2008 quality management certification.

Some Elements That Have Helped Maintain Our Quality Standards

  • Pilot Runs: We develop a pilot run of all projects in the beginning stage to get to know its complexities and intricacies, and hence set guidelines for the team to follow in the course of its implementation.
  • Testing: We have developed advanced testing tools which are implemented at all stages of project development before it is made live. The test plan is refined and enhanced as we progress to a more mature stage & validated with the client for feedback and improvement.
  • Expected Deliverable Plan: A unique quality assurance plan that we implement, wherein we develop a detailed acceptance plan that describes the minimum quality standards that are expected, and the standards that are to be achieved before the project goes any further.

Our Project Managers’ are held responsible for the end result, so by ensuring that the rest of our teams are on top of their game, we together provide assured quality results that help your business flourish. We at IT Chimes believe that quality speaks for itself and we let our work do the talking.

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