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SaaS Fuels the Next-Generation CRM Technologies

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems continue to evolve impressively and have been tipped to witness a new wave of on-premise and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions in the near future. Enterprise CRM software suites have emerged on top as the most crucial ingredient for delivering superior business intelligence solutions, client servicing and operational efficiency.

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The Google Project Ara – Finally Something Truly Innovative In Smartphones

Continuing its smart foray into the smartphone industry to combat Apple’s home turf, Google is exploring areas that were previously thought impossible even to perceive, and has put forth entirely mad and astonishingly futuristic Project Ara and Project Tango smartphone concepts. Finally, we have something truly innovative in smartphones.

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Wix or Weebly – which one is the better Website Builder?

Both site builders, Wix and Weebly, have their benefits and drawbacks. From one aspect Wix is good while Weebly is better in another. Both products have great market authority and well-proven track records that is highly recommendable in the web design and hosting industry.

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Is Your Cloud Data Secure?

Data loss is possibly the most painful catastrophe that concerns all digital natives in the world right now. I’m sure you can’t imagine losing your precious research work that took years in the making or losing videos of your toddler walking for the first time. The plight of Ubuntu One users raises the big question – is cloud server storage the final solution to our safe data needs?

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Fix Your Android Problems Like A Pro

Does your Android smartphone hang all the time and make you feel as if you have been mugged by your device manufacturer? As a matter of fact, many Android users have publicly expressed their frustration with their malfunctioning phone and its unsatisfactory performance and awful battery issues.

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