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Case Study - Autoliving

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Requirement Statement

Our clients from Autoliving specified their requirements in a most creatively possible manner. They seemed adamant over representing their website in more of a tableau of unforgettable events. In context to creative phenomenon, this is truly one of proudest projects undertaken by IT Chimes. The internationally renowned company expected us to enable visitor with an array of creative website tools and features that will simply cruise along with the creativity. IT Chimes strategized business pioneering facts to let clients attain business goals. After spending some time over discussion, the client was strongly willed to continue site with the most authentic features.  We took over the challenges to deplete sites with unwanted possibilities by the help of effective means. The website demanded a representation of features in informative tableau. Serving the information of the client in a convincing manner, we chose to design the very website with a professional yet customer friendly environment. Our final acknowledgement to the strategy was to anchor a site that is made of advanced, effective, and authentic features of MySQL and PHP.

Solution Offered

Itchimes created “www.autoliving.no/” by utilizing the latest technology of MySQL and PHP. We attained success effectively by meeting the specified features of the clients. We developed a website void of complications and other possible hassles. The menus and other features were informed and appears systematic order. We deeply underwent the nuances of the respective mining and Natural Resource Company. In addition to this, we offered an effortless quality content writing services for both qualitative and creative information on various aspects of the company.  This helps bond visitors with the features of the company deeply. Itchimes could possible perform this venture successfully with its detailed acknowledgement into technology and other essential features.
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