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Case Study - Automated Document Tracking


Automated Document Tracking and Management System


Improve the productivity and decrease inconveniences.


  • This system required a way to automate the processes in SharePoint so that considerable time can be saved and any repetitions in reporting can also be eliminated.
  • The company needed to streamline the way to gather information as they were arranging the information by the type of document as in Project control or RFP response. It required managers to go on multiple sharepoint sites to collect information which belongs to the same project.
  • It also needed to follow the ISO standards.
  • Moreover, ECS was in the need in order to get effective document organization of a individual projects from the start point till the end.
  • The timesheet tracking system required relocation from its completely different application.

Unique Issues:

  • The tracking and managing of each task order has turned out to be an ineffective and time consuming process.
  • Remarkable levels of reporting has been required to manage contracts through multiple task orders.
  • Further, task order staffing required a process that was previously manual and burdensome.


  • In order to conform to the ISO standards and for client’s requirements, IT Chimes created an automated deliverable tracking system.
  • Another part of this process comprised of creating a system for the purpose of tracking contract and task order related documents covering multiple divisions by making use of SharePoint.
  • To further cater to the client’s requirements, IT Chimes developed a template for the team members in SharePoint so that they can make use of it to enter their information. This data can be then summed into different reports as required by the customer. This process completely replaced the previously used manual by project managers.
  • Financial updates were automatically uploaded into the project file which also included billable hours from timesheet system. The information was also arranged into the project sites along with all the documents and data related to the project in that area.
  • IT Chimes also helped in automating the workflow included in recruiting new employees, right from the interview to the offer letter.

Project Benefits:

  • The new Portal has increased the level of productivity by eliminating the need of manual process for the purpose of document handling in multiple sites.
  • The ability of the system so created, to track the status of the deliverables automatically eliminates the need of a separate tracking spreadsheet to ensure the deadlines are met.
  • The personnel system automation accelerates the process, removes redundancy from staffing and increases visibility in employees related tasks.
  • The status reporting automation through templates saves a lot of time of project managers and staff, enabling them to focus on billable work.


  • Defining sharePoint features to users
  • Understanding cloud
  • Describing integration requirements of SharePoint with external data sources
  • Describing compliance and regulatory issues for large and global organizations


The client’s prior system was manual, which wasn’t conforming to the ISO standards. Also, such system was time consuming and costly one. The managing and tracking of contracts and orders was all cluttered, cumbersome and ineffective. IT Chimes helped the client in developing an Automated document tracking and management system with the help of SharePoint. This made the process less time consuming as well as cost effective. IT Chimes developed a standardized and high quality system that facilitated the workflow and the financial aspect of the client’s organization.
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