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Case Study - Cash UR Wheels

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Requirement Statement

The client was keen to illustrate its business aspect through the face of its website. We had the strenuous task of tastefully projecting the website as the perfect meeting joint for private vehicle owners and advertisers and help the former cash on the opportunity to drive their own automobile.

Solution Offered

IT Chimes designed the elegant website www.cashurwheels.com for the clients. The team combined its artistic and technological skills to develop this bidding portal. We artistically designed the website as the confluence of advertisers and private vehicle owners. The idea was to let vehicle owners about the benefits of displaying advertising wraps and getting paid for the service from advertisers. We have created different sections like FAQ, Bidding, Pricing, Referral etc. to let the vehicle owners know what they are missing and the benefits they can avail through the website.

Client Comment

“Well done guys. The website is nice to look at and speaks clearly about our business motives. We are impressed.”
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