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Case Study - challenger turf

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The client has a family business in the synthetic turf manufacturing market in Dalton since 1983. Client was unable to exhibit his product effectively. He needed a better ecommerce interface on the website.


After understanding the client’s requirement, we knew we have to use a team of professionals who are experts in PHP, MySQL and Magento. The objective was to built a opencart functional ecommerce website.


The main difficulties our team faced was to optimize the existing website in the given timeline. As the work was quite daunting, but not impossible, the PHP team put all their efforts to built such an ecommerce website that can generate revenues like never before.


To deal with the e commerce projects and specially something like this requires a holistic approach and a profound knowledge of the technicalities. Magento is an open-source ecommerce platform written in PHP. So the PHP, MySQL and Magento experts worked together and built a better opencart ecommerce user interface.


As a result of our expert’s dedication towards the projects, the new website interface was easy sledding for the users. This lead to a better and smooth website that was built using Magento ecommerce platform.