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Case Study -Chief of Strings


Chief of Strings is a leading apparel company which is dedicated to make clothes for America’s fastest growing youth sports called lacrosse. Their main requirement was to improve their ecommerce business.


Their main objective was to built such a website that can engage with the customers in an optimal way so that their e commerce business can be improved and ultimately they can have more sales.


The main difficulty our team faced was to collect essential data from the existing website and to manage it accordingly to provide a customer experience.


Our PHP and MySQL experts had to a do a lot of work in order to achieve a better user experience on the website. Our developers took a holistic approach in solving the problem. A lot of revisions had to be done in order to built a better E-commerce experience.


This client’s requirements were met by the development of a better E-commerce interface for user. This resulted in a clean website where customers can easily browse through the categories and shop easily.
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