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Case Study - Collaboration Portal

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Collaboration and Communication Portal


To connect worldwide operations


  • Client required an intranet that allows collaboration and communication across their worldwide operations.
  • The requirements of access at anytime from anywhere also needed to be resolved.
  • To provide every user a full picture of the company’s best practices and daily activities, they needed to collect the diverse range of information present on the intranet site’s homepage.

Unique Issues:

  • Access to the homepage’s essential data is necessary to display up-to-date financial data such as interest rates.
  • Search required to play a crucial role in the user interface as employees are in frequent need to find documents and access resources within limited time.
  • Social media assimilation was also one of the vital requirements to inform all the constituents about significant industry and company news.
  • To promote wide participation, business and internal events’ notification was essential.
  • Push alerts were further required to reach the intended audience across the organization.


  • IT Chimes developed a unique site template to meet unique needs of each site, encourage user adoption and to save users time. To promote the company’s goal in a steady manner, a united customized site branding was developed.
  • An intuitive site taxonomy was developed to offer distinct and different SharePoint site for every program, project and department in the company. This can allow users to create an integrated information on their homepage as a dashboard view.
  • IT Chimes also developed a custom real-time tracking system to further facilitate their operations.

Project Benefits:

IT Chimes developed an intranet to provide end users a consolidated view along with executing new templates so that new content can be created and conveyed to the users. The different characteristics of this intranet are:
  • The employees are up-to date with all the information going on in the organization as the homepage displays all the events of the company and is connected to its social media platform.
  • The design created by us eliminates redundancy by storing documents in one central depository which provides improved system performance and a finely organized document library.
  • People are up to date and are able to explore the current trends. A list of trending tags allows them to know what other people are doing in their network.
  • It enables every user to see a specific landing page along with access to the information they require.
  • The portal design further supports and encourages the client’s organizational culture as it is consistent with their design principles.


  • Analysis and Design works together and needs a thorough and proper investigation to craft the best solution. A well thought out design along with the involvement of end users provide better created design with high usage and adoption.
  • The next step after securing a well crafted design (blueprint), a customize SharePoint with the perfect environment and unique features have to be created in accordance with design specifications. Testing and then training should be provided along with any enhancements to make it effective.
  • The next step is deployment where end-users enter this new world and start working. The deployment is firstly tested before going live by the SharePoint. Documentation and training is also provided to the end users, which is essential for ardent adoption.
  • The last phase is of operation is to transform the customer into continuous support from implementation project. Finally, the customer care team of sharePoint comes into picture to provide after sale service.


The client’s communication portal was not equipped with a proper incorporation of social media, search option and financial data or any notifications to encourage the worldwide operations. IT Chimes developed Intranet Solutions, with the help of SharePoint that involved communication at a larger level, kept everyone up to date and reduced redundancy. An integrated and unique portal, created by IT Chimes, facilitated the different operations of the client’s company.
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