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Case Study - eBrandOne

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eBrandOne is a unique crowd-funded ecommerce portal that allows its users to create custom apparel and promotional product campaigns, and test the marketplace with no upfront cost or risk. Once the campaign gets traction in popularity and fan base, the campaign owner can start making money via commission.

Project Overview

The client wished for a website that was fresh in design and connected well with the young generations, including teenagers, college students, etc. The purpose of eBrandOne website was to attract people with its unique concept, such that the audience immediately identified with the website’s core concept and opportunity to make money. IT Chimes’ creative team understood what was needed, while the technical team hatched the project development plan. Once the scope of work and project plan was approved by the client, all our different teams went to work.

Our Solutions

IT Chimes creatives wanted to instill a fresh vibrancy in the eBrandOne site design, and so fresh colors, bold fonts and plenty of eye catching graphics to authenticate that look and feel. Creative copy was used everywhere, in order to ensure that the website’s inbound audience connected instantly with the message. Our experienced developer did some basic groundwork, and broke down eBrandOne’s core concept into simple steps.
  1. Primary Logic – Crowdfunded e-commerce platform that allows anyone to easily create, design and sell t-shirts.
  2. Front-end access – Users can sign up, create a campaign (tshirt), and then once enough people commit to purchase, the shirts are manufactured and the creator gets a fraction of the profits.
  3. Automation – We created automated campaign update, shipping process, such that its audience related with the entire design and creation process.
  4. 3rd party API integration- Advanced APIs integrated for automated shipment, order process and campaign management. Facebook API for easier promotional activities.

Technology Used

Model View Controller Framework for ASP.NET, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery.


IT Chimes development team created eBrandOne within committed time and with all the required features and functionalities. Since launching the website online, thousands of people have already started using eBrandOne’s crowdsourcing platform to design, sell t-shirts and make money. The client witnessed positive responses from their niche audience and the second stage of this development project is already been agreed upon.
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