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Case Study - ezyQatar




  • A powerful Search Engine application based on iOS and Android platform
  • The functionality resembling that of Just Dial App.
  • Streamlined UI with easy-to-use search actions related to various products and services including Real Estate, Restaurants, Gift Stores and products, Special offers.


One of the major challenges of the project was that the client had requested for a specific type of search order wherein they wanted:
  • The Sponsored Ads up to the Top 10 results featured Non-Alphabetically
  • The Platinum, Gold, and Silver package ads featured Alphabetically.
The solution to them was offered with a brief compromise considering the practicality and feasibility of the project. We ensured that all of their search results pertaining to Ads featured alphabetically irrespective of their categories they fell in.

Strategy & Solutions

1. For the purpose of local area search calculated on the criteria of distance from the user’s location, a GPS enabled navigation facility was embedded in the app that enabled their location feature called “Near Me” to calculate accurate distance of the search result and the location of the user. Android version 2. ezyQatar was developed as a powerful search engine application functioning successfully on iOS and Android platforms both. To increase the accuracy, the development team at IT Chimes, decided to create an exact keyword match result, or no result option. So when the users search for something, they need to use the exact keyword in order to obtain completely accurate results. iOS Version 3. One of the unique features that was incorporated successfully in the app. was that of a Special Offer segment which promoted special offers that are ongoing at various stores or outlets. Special Offer feature  
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