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Case Study - Global Intranet Solution

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Convenient Global Intranet Solution


  • To let the users look for tools and other infrastructure at ease, from around the world, irrespective of the user’s location, simultaneously with the growth of the company.
  • To enable the people for merging in an international set up.
  • To focus on the connection between the people and other valuable information like events and other major priorities marked by the firm.
  • Enable the users to easily post and look for project proposals and practises.
  • Enabling the users to acquire the information about the experts and share practises, irrespective of their location.

Unique Issues:

  • Start with a training session for your team, just to gain the knowledge, whether your current team is acquainted with the definitions or not. Do not assume anything. Your current team may not be as comfortable as you are with issue management.
  • The use of alert system to let the people know when a new issue is entered.
  • A reporting scheme to let everyone know the happenings by just going on to a page.
  • A team meeting is required on a weekly basis to discuss and handle certain issues.


  • The result was the effective diminishing of both time and cost of infrastructure as a consequence of leveraging the cloud solution.
  • Our development team at IT Chimes worked hard to create a highly functional and convenient global intranet solution, by giving it a good design and architectural touch.

Project Benefits:

With the success of this project, the clients are now able to directly get connected with their employees globally, discuss and share certain assets with ease and can easily move beyond the barriers of firm wide communication.


  • Certain social strategies were adapted, that ensured enterprize buy in.
  • Multilingual implementation approach for the users.
  • Considerations regarding performance, across multiple locations.
  • Keeping in mind the disaster recovery, data replication, archiving and business continuity.
  • A focus on mobility and external security were also considered.


The infrastructure used by client could not enable the users to look for certain information, project proposals and practises. They wanted the consumers to look up for information about the experts, share their best practises and help people merge with the international set up. IT Chimes helped the client by providing a cloud solution, which reduced both the time consumed and the expenditure on infrastructure.
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