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Case Study - GoldDerby

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Requirement Statement

The client was keen to capture the entertainment value in the website. Considering that the website belonged to leisure segment, an essential combination of pictures with the right blend of text alongside was what the client expected.

Solution Offered

IT Chimes dedicatedly created the entertainment website www.goldderby.com using the newest technology. The team worked to retain the essence of the website and portray at best its work though pictures and the correct mix of wordings besides. The website is to acquaint all the entertainment aficionados who wish to track the latest in the awards business. GoldDerby offers exciting facts and fascinating news about the showbiz and amuses the readers with gossips from popular award shows.

Client Comment

“We are happy the way IT Chimes shaped GoldDerby. The website has segregated sections which also doesn’t make it look too cramped. Thumbs Up to you guys.!”
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