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Case Study - Healthcare System




Application of SharePoint 2010 for document control in Hospital District.


  • Devising a plan for analyzing and proper documentation of laboratory files.
  • Provide secure access to the documents with the help of the system.
  • Facilitate the laboratory operations by making the documents easily accessible

Unique issue:

  • Lack of complete knowledge of the client, with respect to using SharePoint System.


  • IT Chimes was successful to assist the client in installing the SharePoint system and also guided the client to integrate it with already running system.
  • Improvement in the overall working of the system was also witnessed, with the help of network wide implementation of additional applications.
  • With the help of SharePoint system, IT Chimes was successful in developing 8 user screens.
  • Additionally, it also helped in training 8 super users that would facilitate training of hospital staff.
  • With the help of SharePoint workflow methodology, 50 documents were selected as pilot documents and were also incorporated into the system.
  • IT Chimes, was successful in minimizing the access time to procedures and instructions for lab employees. At the same time, IT Chimes, helped to maintain current document versions and revisions.
  • The Project was completed within three months.

Description of Services

IT Chimes assisted the IT development department in establishing, implementing and evaluating the system for governing documentation management for the hospital lab. The Laboratory owned many volumes of methods and reference documents that were related to regulatory collecting, handling, processing and testing biological patient samples. These documents were stored in hardcopy format for an extended period of time and contained duplicate and outdated documents. Therefore, these were not quickly accessible to the laboratory staffs due to problems in locating a document of current effectiveness in a plausible period of time. Below is the list of support functions that IT Chimes provided to the client.
  • IT Chimes assisted clients in SharePoint acquisition.
  • It assisted clients in configuring the servers.
  • IT Chimes, conducted user setup.
  • It helped clients in facilitation of business processes to be followed with SharePoint.
  • It conducted Site Setup for the clients.
  • IT Chimes helped in the Setup of Documentation for use in the evaluation process.
  • It also supported User Testing.
  • IT Chimes developed requirements for the system functionality.
  • IT Chimes provided support for debugging and correction of errors.
These support functions led to a successful evaluation and worked as a base for an ongoing project to review and migrate the lab documentation onto the new SharePoint based system.


  • IT Chimes collaborated the SharePoint technology with proficiency and practise in the process to create a workable document management facility for hospital laboratory.
  • This helped in the reduction of access time to documents and helped in necessary control of revisions and additions to the reference library of the lab.
  • This technique also helped in avoidance of exposure to regulatory non-compliances in future audits and assessments of the lab operation.


IT Chimes assisted the client in installing and integrating the SharePoint system. The whole system improved to a significant level which facilitated the documentation processing, security and control.
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