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Case Study - Hippocrates Publishing

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Requirement Statement

The client wanted us to design the website to best fit the medical industry. We had the task of creating the website as an online guide for medical professionals to learn the techniques of business. They insisted that we use the color green throughout to symbolize medical industry.

Solution Offered

IT Chimes has created the website www.hippocratespublishing.com as the e-guide to help them learn business, the easy way. We designed and developed the website around the targeted medical group. We created separate sections making it easy for physicians to glide through and find relevant business and market information. We stuck to their agenda of turning medical professionals into successful businessmen and designed the site such that it is easy to find relevant information instantly.

Client Comment

“We are delighted to have given this contract to IT Chimes. They have done exactly what we expected. We like their sincerity and professional approach.”
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