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Case Study - Home By Lender

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Requirement Statement

“Homesbylender.com/” is a Real Estate Portal which allows a user to register, log-in, and identify with different properties added by the Administrator. The client wanted to get this website revamped with various dynamic functionalities like design change, creating different dynamic admin users i.e Super Admin, Market Admin, Loan officer, Seller & Broker. The interesting fact was that the client wanted to make the listing throughout his website, so that the search has been done dynamically, thus allowing a user to identify with the properties added by administrator and see updates maintained regularly with the help of backend.

Solution Offered

IT Chimes modified with a listing and the payment gateways the advanced Iphone mobile portability, so that one can see the listing paid by just the click of a button. There are 3 modes of listings added – basic, premium and premium with mobile. Here we offered a customized environment which works according to the client’s requirements. The easy usability of the portal has been the prime focus by the administrators who provide various access controls to be viewed and obtain information from within specific states, countries and locations in the United States of America. The portal constitutes expert advice facilities, testimonials, national banners and questionnaires with expert comments, Advance Search and more. All the Data Entry work has also been appointed to IT Chimes for which the client felicitates a dedicated team of operators who update all the prospective data on regular basis which reflects at the front-end of the website. The primary feature of listing on a home page is National Pay & State Pay in amongst the large market as well as the local market. So all in all it was one of the more challenging and good experience for us in providing a timely solution.
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