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Case Study - IAnjolie

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Requirement Statement

Working on iAnjolie.com has been laborious.  After all, the website owner is a young, chirpy pre-adolescent Tennessee girl! We had to be very specific and sensitive to create a candid website for our pre-teen client.

Solution Offered

IAnjolie is the personal website of a cheerful young girl Anjolie who took to this creative medium for expressing her thoughts to the outside world. We have tried to use a mix of vibrant colors, pink being spread the maximum. The website is neat, organized and well structured that is easy to use and informative. It contains a CMS with dedicated sections like Home, Pictures, Blog, Music, History, Videos, Stories and Contacts to make it more dynamic and fascinating.

Client Comment

“Hello everyone. I am happy to see my website iAnjolie.com. Your team has made it possible for me to share my thoughts and express my views with everyone on the Internet. I love my website. ”
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