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Case Study - Italy Luxury Tours

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Italy Luxury Tour is an exclusive and personalized Luxury Travel provider of the Italian Peninsula and its islands. They provide private luxury travel arrangements focusing on customized services for discerning travelers at competitive prices. As tour operator, Luxury Tour also wholesale complete range of travel services and products to only industry recognized and certified Tour operators.


  • There was a need of custom modules to create Destinations, Packages, tours etc. with multiple customised features
  • Improve SEO ranking
  • Create the same website using WordPress
  • Payment gateway without customization


  • We offered Custom Post type to create the backend functionality
  • The same website was created using WordPress which was was in HTML previously
  • We created custom post module for tour. This was done to implement payment gateway without customization in future
  • We analyzed and recommended keyword and more than 60% keywords started ranking on top within a short period of time
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