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Case Study - Jungle Calling

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Jungle Calling specializes in customizing safaris for its clients to different national parks in India. They arrange safaris for the solitary traveler, couples, families, corporates, etc. Their main requirement was to improve the custom designs and layout of the website in order to receive more leads.


The main intent of the client was to rearrange the custom designs and layout so that client can ultimately have more revenues. For this, everything needed to rearrange and executed differently.


The prime obstacle that our team faced while working on this project was about optimizing the former website. Special PHP developers and MySQL experts had to take a holistic approach so that website can be completed in given time.


The best solution for projects like this is always making new custom designs and layout and that’s what our PHP and MySQL experts did. They collect all the essential information which might come handy while executing the codes and plans.


All the dedication and expertise of our developers pay off high engagements with the customers, neat, clean and responsive website and ultimately more leads.

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