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Case Study - Pick Ups Online

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Requirement Statement

Pick Ups Online is an online freight solution provider that offers logistics solutions such as courier service, domestic and international freight, storage and warehousing etc. The company wanted a professional platform that could help its users to log on to the system and calculate distance, freight and even pay online for the solutions that the company offers. It required dynamic forms which the user could fill online which would reflect automated results. Secured payment gateway integration was required for the users to pay online and get immediate service from the company.

Solution Offered

The website needed workflow analysis, requirement specification design, wire frame design and development, document creation, beta and final testing and constant changes during the development phase. IT Chimes worked closely with the client to streamline the project flow and provide the needed online solutions to the client. IT Chimes designed and developed the website keeping their corporate identity unique and different. The online solution which IT Chimes has provided meets all the requirements that the client had demanded and works efficiently, bug free and is scalable for any future additions to be done to the website database. The forms developed for the distance, weight and freight calculations are complex in the algorithm but very easy and effective on the website for the users to get the information real time and also get immediate results.
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